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Recommendation letters

Peter Atkins

University of Oxford, UK

Small scale it might be, but it is impressively intense and effective. I hope funds are made available for its continuation, for it is a jewel among all the laudable efforts to encourage the young into science.

Recommendation Letter (in English)
Lecture: Communicating chemistry

Dennis Bray

University of Cambridge, UK

There was a great spirit of sharing and comradeship within each of the groups and friendly rivalry with other groups. The overall atmosphere was friendly and intellectually stimulating and I’m sure most of the participants leave the school with fond memories of a most enjoyable episode. Many will also, surely, build on this experience and use it to guide a future career in science.

Recommendation Letter (in English)
Lecture: Bacterial chemotaxis and protein computation

Joan Daemen

Radboud University and STMicroelectronics, the Netherlands

I personally had never seen such a thing and was very impressed. I'm certain that for the students this summer school is something they will remember all their lives and for many this will change their life.

Recommendation Letter (in English)
Lecture: Symmetric cryptography 2.0

Andrea Brunello

Arditodesìo Company | Jet Propulsion Theatre, Italy

I hope that the School will continue to be offered and that it will be supported more and more by those Institutions that have the opportunity to make it grow.
I strongly believe that every high school student who is serious about her/his studies should participate in a Summer School like this... at least once during their course of studies!

Recommendation Letter (in English)

Daniela Bortoletto

University of Oxford, UK

I truly believe that this is an excellent summer school and an outstanding example of how science breaks down borders.

Recommendation Letter (in English)
Lecture: The LHC: at the frontiers of fundamental Physics

Domagoj Vučić

Genentech, USA

I believe Summer School of Science has profound positive impact on attendants, lecturers and organizers and I fully support its continuation.

Recommendation Letter (in English)
Lecture: Targeting inflammation in tumors and tissue damage diseases: from caterpillars to bed side

Ross King

The Univeristy of Manchester, UK

It is clear that the School makes a deep positive impression in all who attend, and is of high educational value. I am glad I attended, and I would be happy to recommend the experience to others. I also strongly believe that the school is deserving of sponsorship.

Recommendation Letter (in English)
Lecture: Can a Robot do Science?

Thomas Fleischer

Oslo University Hospital HF, Norway

What impressed me most was the commitment of the students, their motivation for a career in science, and how far they had come in scientific thinking. I believe that this Summer School is an ideal introduction to life in science.

Recommendation Letter (in English)
Lecture: Epigenomics in breast cancer: Tumor development and clinical application

Wolfgang Huber

EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

The summer school is a wonderful opportunity for young future scientists from different places to meet each other, learn about science in a fun and engaging way, and I am sure itleaves a great impression on its alumni. It is supported by a dedicated and enthusiastic team of graduate students mainly from Croatia. I was deeply impressed by it, and I hope that the summer school will continue to go from strength to strength, and heartily encourage anyone considering supporting the event, be it by sponsoring or contributing as a lecturer!

Recommendation Letter (in English)
Lecture: Data driven! Adventures in computational biology, genomics and personalized medicine

Sir Tim Hunt

London Research Institute, United Kingdom
Nobel prize winner

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the Summer School of Science is its longevity and continuity. It’s clear that the idea is good and strong, so that over the years the baton of organisation has passed seamlessly from hand to hand down generations of graduate students and there is great loyalty and support from alumni and past mentors. The organisation is an expression of a strong commitment to teaching, and a strong belief in the power of science to reach out across all kinds of boundaries of nationality and belief.

Recommendation Letter (in English)
Lecture: Lesson from Life Science - Cell Division (in English)

Ivo Sbalzarini

Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics & TU Dresden, Germany

The scientific projects done by the participants were outstanding, and I was impressed by how much they learned, and what they were able to achieve. The excitement and pride in their eyes when they talked about their projects was the best testimony that the school successfully reached its goal to excite young people for science and show them that they can do anything if they want to.

Recommendation Letter (in English)
Lecture: Teaching computers to look at biological images (in English)

Bojan Žagrović

Max F. Perutz Laboratories & University of Vienna, Austria

I have been following the program of the Summer School for several years now, since I have participated three times as a guest lecturer and I can openly say that it represents one of the most dynamic and advanced science programs for gifted students, not only in Croatia but also on an international level as well.

Recommendation Letter (in Croatian)
Lecture: On the origin of the universal genetic code (in English)

Ivan Đikić

Goethe University, Germany

Summer School of Science gives answers to practical questions how to investigate something and get relevant answers. Besides that, participants are successfully preparing for teamwork, because they have to talk and share their ideas, but also at the same time actively listen and respect others.

Recommendation Letter (in Croatian)
Lecture: The border is only within ourselves (in English)

Letters of support

KU Leuven, Belgium

Faculty of Engineering Science

The Summer School of Science has a strong and lasting connection with KU Leuven. Students and staff of KU Leuven have participated in the School in various roles: as organizers of the project, mentors and invited lecturers. Furthermore, “Innovation Lab” of KU Leuven kindly supported this project by providing the equipment for a workshop at 2015 edition of the Summer School.
Therefore, the Faculty of Engineering Science at KU Leuven recognizes the Summer School of Science as an important educational platform and therefore expresses its full academic support for this project.

Letter of support (in English)

Amgen Research and Foundation

We were most impressed by the enthusiasm and dedication that students showed on their projects, but equally by the time that mentors invested into the preparation and execution of this camp. These activities strongly support scientific education and training and may help generate interest in pursuing a career in science, especially for students that do not have frequent access to diverse scientific offers though schools, academia or industry. Thus, we were glad to be able to contribute to this inititative that increases awareness and interest for a broad and diverse range of scientific and technical topis among students.

Letter of support (in English)

Lino Guzzella

President of ETH Zurich, Switzerland

The Summer School of Science has a long lasting relationship with ETH Zurich - a large number of organisers, project leaders and lecturers have participated in the Summer School over the yers. The School currently has an alumni population of over 250 students from more than 20 countries and has trained a number of volunteer mentors and collaborators from top scientific institutions around the world. Due to the educational importance of this School, ETH Zurich gives its full academic support to the project of the Summer School of Science in Pozega.

Letter of support (in English)

Amir Hamzić

University of Zagreb, Croatia

The Faculty of Science at University of Zagreb wholeheartedly supports the international Summer School of Science in Pozega, which gathers high school students from all over the World to encourage them to choose a career in science, by developing their enthusiasm and ambition. We are especially happy to see that some of our best students are mentoring those bright minds.

Letter of support (in Croatian)

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović

President of the Republic of Croatia

President of Croatia Mrs. Kolinda Grabar Kitarović supports the international scientific program of Summer School of Science, which gathers young scientists from all over the world. Mrs. President wishes that this year's edition of the Summer School of Science contributes to the overall scientific success and, in addition, to help strengthen the international collaboration between countries..

Letter of support (in Croatian)

Ivo Josipović

Former President of the Republic of Croatia

Mr. President supports the effort made by this project, in which young students, through their work on real scientific problem, promote science and international collaboration. With sincere support and the best wishes that this year's Summer School of Science edition is equally successfull as in the past, Mr. President sends his regards to the organizers and the participants of this project.

Letter of support (in Croatian)


S3 is an extraordinary place where you can immerse yourself in interesting and challenging projects, learn a lot of new things and most importantly not only work but also spend your free time with peers which come from various places of the world and are highly motivated and united by passion for science. I have to say, S3 was the best experience in my life! There I not only gained new knowledge, had an opportunity to carry out a project, met many wonderful people, got lots of useful advice from projects/swapshops leaders, experienced new things, but also found amazing friends. I’m happy I got an opportunity to participate!

--Karolina Guzauskaite, 2nd grade
Kaunas University of Technology Gymnasium, Lithuania

Summer School of Science is a place where enthusiasm meets knowledge and creativity.There is no better feeling then feeling of freedom to ask, discover and learn while being accompanied with people of the same kind. S3 impressed me one more time.
What makes us think light is a wave? Dora, Martina, Jovan and Tomislav got the chance to play with laser and discover some of the phenomena in physical optics; like diffraction, interference and polarization and get a sense of how laws that govern those phenomena can be applied to calculate some cool stuff like distance between bits on a CD or between erythrocytes on coating.

--Tea Mužić, Swapshop leader
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

This Summer School was the best experience in my life! I was given the opportunity to learn about science and things related to it. I’ve met many excellent people both students and lecturers/swapshop leaders who gave me a lot of useful advice which will help me in my future career. I gained knowledge and a lot of friends during this school, everything was so well organised (with perfect ratio of hard work and fun/free time). I hope that in the future this school will grow and become more popular and that, one day,I will come back to it: either as a lecturer, swapshop leader or something else.

-- Tin Kocijan, 4th grade
Prva Gimnazija Varazdin, Croatia

Summer School of Science gave me the opportunity to work so closely with so many successful scientists in such an early age, which is such a great and rare opportunity. Learning from them about science is great, but It's also wonderful to hear them talk about life, success and failures, and realize what are the things that really make somebody a leader in also a lot about teamwork and other cultures which were brought together based on common interests. It was great to meet so many, I could say, global peers who are all so ambitious and wellrounded, possibly future leaders in science and I think that friendships and connections are a valuable thing the school brought us, and it will probably be a while before we realize the full impact it had on us.

-- Tamara Tica, 3rd grade
Grammar School Jovan Ducic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

S3 is brilliant project for young person who has to decide about further career. I learned so many things; in field of my scientific interests and in general. Beautiful young people, our project leaders and organizers, showed us that nothing is hard if you really want it. In 10 days, thanks to them, I realized that it is not only important to be a good scientist, than to be a good person. It was unforgettable experience and I am really grateful for being a part of it.

-- Martina Manenica, 3rd grade
Grammar School Metkovic, Croatia