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What is summer school of science?

Summer School of Science is an international summer workshop established in 2001. It is organized by Society for Out-of-Frame Education in Požega (Croatia). The program aims at high school students and offers a diverse range of research projects and lectures in the fields of science and technology.

Summer School of Science is organized in two camps: S3 (for grades 9 and 10) and S3++ (for grades 11 and 12), where students get a chance to work in small groups on a real scientific project, guided by a mentor. This is accompanied by evening lectures from eminent scientists from all over the world. Due to our international friends and colleagues, the official language of the School is English.

More information about the projects, daily activities, application process and practical information can be found on this website.

Next edition of the Summer School will be held:

S3 2021: July 25th - August 4th
S3++ 2021: August 5th - August 15th

Due to special circumstances in 2021 (Covid-19 pandemic), this year's edition of the Summer School of Science is going to be held online. This year, all projects will be based around the computational aspects of science and show how we can use computers to aid us in doing experiments, analyzing data and presenting our results. You will also be able to see for yourselves how research is done in these pressing times and how the pandemic affects various aspects of science, research, education, and academia.



Man's mind, stretched to a new idea, never goes back to its original dimensions.

-- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Summer School of Science is a unique place where like-minded individuals of all ages get together to share their enthusiasm for knowledge and discovery. Talented and highly motivated students, often neglected in their regular school environments, are presented with personal challenges that build self-confidence and encourage them to "think big". In an open and informal atmosphere, students and their mentors from all over the world work in teams and exchange ideas freely. Together they find inspiration and courage to achieve more once they are back in their home environments. They form long-lasting relationships that not only help their individual careers, but also promote international and intercultural understanding. Our creative mentors, devoted to scientific and personal excellence, teach through passion. They use personalized approach to every student, making sure everyone has the best experience possible.

Beyond popularization of science, we aim to create a global network of high school students, young scientists and social entrepreneurs who are committed to building knowledge-based societies. We see Summer School of Science as a platform for personal growth. In our community, every generation takes care of the younger one, ensuring continuation of our volunteer-based project. Former school participants often become mentors themselves and stay involved by supporting the school in various ways. We encourage and nurture leadership skills by providing young people with challenges of project design, mentoring and organizing events. By bringing together young leaders of different nationalities, we hope to provide a model for similar projects in other countries.


Our daily lives at school are a lot of fun, if you like science. It can also be quite useful, if you plan to study science at the university. You usually learn basic concepts of science in the regular school - about acids in chemistry, about electricity in physics or about genes in biology. This is certainly important for your education, but you are missing a critical part - the scientific method.

How do we ask questions about the phenomena in nature? How do we answer them? And how can you be sure about what you've found? The Summer School of Science is the place to learn all about it. Since we believe that the best way to learn is by example and practice, we'll put you in the position of being a scientist. You will work on a very specific topic with a project leader and a team of few other participants. Together, you will specify the problem, design the experiment and analyze the results to answer one of the interesting questions in science.

Practical information

Usually, this is where you would find technical information about which buses or planes to take to come to the beautiful town of Požega, where the Summer School of Science was held in pre-COVID era. This year, we will ensure to transfer the love towards science, friendly atmosphere and interesting talks of S3(++) online in the most suitable way. That is why we will need you to install some pre-existing software before the Summer School of Science starts.

Application opening: March 20th 2021
Application deadline: June 1st 2021 at midnight (00:00 CET)


We decided to use Skype for our interviewing process because of its popularity and familiarity, considering not everyone who is interviewed will end up joining the program.

We decided to use Discord, a very popular and widely used platform for video calls for several reasons: it is very reliable, optimized, customizable and casual, which ticks all of our boxes for the Summer School of Science. If you are accepted, you will be added to a fully customized server, which we will try to make as suited to the Summer School's environment as possible.
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