Frequently asked questions

Q. I am finishing grade 8 of the elementary school. Can I apply?
A. No. We require participants to have completed grade 9 (the first year of high school in Croatian school system). However, you can apply to our sister school, Youth Science Camp in Višnjan, which also offers introduction to the scientific method for students age 9 to 14 (accepting Croatian participants only).

Q. I am a university student. Can I participate?
A. Summer School of Science is intended for high school students. However, you can always join us for the evening lectures. As a university student, you can possibly participate as a mentor: project or workshop leader, depending on your experience. Please contact the School organizers who can give you more information.

Q. Is there a School fee?
A. You can find detailed information about the fees and scholarships here.

Q. I am very impressed by your School. Is there something I can do to help?
A. Everyone can help! To organize the school, we need volunteers, mentors, sponsors, donations, as well as people with skills in communication, design, writing, etc. Our organization Society for Out-of-Frame Education (EVO) always seeks for volunteers that might help in Summer School of Science, or it’s other sister projects. Please contact the School organizers for more information and see our sponsor page.

Q. Is there some way for me to participate, even if I am not a student or a project leader?
A. All of our lectures are open to the public and we are working on securing Internet broadcast. Parents, prospective mentors and other friends of the School are always welcome to visit us. However, try to announce your visit to School organizers in advance.

Q. Why do students have to pay a fee to participate?
A. We depend on fees to balance our budget. We are a non-profit organization that depends on sponsor contributions and all of our people work pro-bono. This means that our organizers, project leaders and swapshop leaders don’t receive any money out of it, but we are simply covering their costs during School. Nevertheless, a small number of participants will be accepted without paying the fee, if their family can’t afford it and they can’t find a sponsor to support them. Good students will never be rejected because they cannot pay the fee, but they must include a separate letter explaining the situation.

Q. I got invited for an interview, how should I prepare?
A. Interviews are usually organized over Skype. If one of your family members has already an account, you can just send us their skype name. Otherwise you can install it yourself here, create an account and let us know your skype name. Microphone is required for interview itself, while webcam can be used but isn’t necessary. And don’t fear, we won't ask you to solve mathematical equations, we simply want to chat with you and assess your motivation and English skills.

Q. Do you have organized arrival/departure to the School?
A. No, participants have to organize their trip by themselves. If you contact organizers, they might give you information about other participants travelling nearby you with which you might organize travelling together. International participants can contact their camp organizers to assist them with trip planning. For more details, see Practical information.

Q. Will I have some free time?
A. Summer School of Science is based on projects that consume most of the day (8 hours). In addition, we have evening lectures and workshops. The time schedule is very tight and there is not much free time. You can read a bit more about day-to-day activities here.

Q. Is there Internet access and are there computers available for participants?
A. Yes, we have wireless Internet in the Gymnasium and the hotel. There are also numerous computers available for participants to use in their free time.

Q. When do I choose the project I will be working on?
A. Participants choose the project on the first day of School, after introductory presentations given by project leaders. There are three to four participants per project on average. School organizers try to accommodate all students on projects of their first choice, if possible.

Q. Do I have to learn something about the projects before the School starts?
A. Since participants don’t know which project they will be working on before coming to the camp, we don’t require any preparation. Every project leader will start with an introduction that will build on the average high school knowledge.

Q. What kind of people come to the Summer School of Science?
A. The Summer School of Science is a unique place because you can meet other high school students with interests in science. You will also meet lots of people who work in applied or fundamental sciences. Some of them are your project leaders, others are lecturers. Working with some of them you will learn another thing about science - it is about people. You have to be able to work in the team, present and share your ideas, but in the same time listen and respect the others.