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Out-of-Frame Education


Society for Out-of-Frame Education (in Croatian “Društvo za edukaciju van okvira”; short “EVO”) aims to educate people of all age groups in the critical way of thinking, and promote freedom of thought, opinion and expression. Members of the Society are gathered around the joint experience of doing scientific research and educating the youth. While aspiring to their own professional excellence, they advocate responsibility towards the entire community and work as volunteers to help overcome existent challenges within the society. Our goal is to create a network of experts in Croatia and abroad that are interested to actively counteract negative societal trends, especially in education, through synergy of current and development of new projects.


Active members

Matko Bošnjak, Ph.D
DeepMind, UK

Petra Bucić, M.Sc
Visage Technologies, Croatia

Jakov Budić
University of Zagreb, Croatia

Laura Busak
University of Zagreb, Croatia

Sebastijan Dumančić, Ph.D
Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Dora Grbavac, M.Sc
University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Petra Ivatović
University of Zagreb, Croatia

Snježana Kodba, M.Sc
University of Utrecht, Netherlands

Luka Korov
University of Zagreb, Croatia

Kristina Majsec, Ph.D
Eurodoc, Croatia

Davor Merkaš
University of Zagreb, Croatia

Mario Borna Mjertan
University of Zagreb, Croatia

Ivana Osredek, B.Sc
University of Leicester, UK

Marta Paladin
University of Zagreb, Croatia

Petra Parac
University of Zagreb, Croatia

Leonardo Pierobon, Ph.D
My Personal Academic, Croatia

Matija Piškorec, Ph.D
Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatia

Ivan Sudić, M.Sc
Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatia

Grgur Šimunić, M.Sc
Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatia

Anita Šolman Janđel, M.Ec
Society for Out-of-Frame Education, Croatia

Nikolina Šoštarić, Ph.D
Sanquin Research, Netherlands

Dunja Vučenović, Ph.D
Illumina, UK

Mario Zelić
University of Zagreb, Croatia

Honourary members

Nino Antulov-Fantulin, Ph.D.
ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Petra Gerber, Ph.D
Roche, Switzerland

Marko Košiček, Ph.D.
Ministry for Science and Education, Croatia

Matilda Maleš, Ph.D
ZS, Germany

Neva Margetić, M.Sc
Josip Račić and Julije Klović primary schools, Croatia

Martina Mijušković, Ph.D.
Institute of Cancer Research London, UK

Andela Šarić, Ph.D.
University College London, UK

Anamarija Štafa., Ph.D.
University of Zagreb, Croatia

Jelena Tica, Ph.D
Johnson&Johnson, Netherlands


Current projects

Summer School of Science S3/S3++

The Summer School of Science is an international summer camp aimed at highly motivated high school students from Croatia and abroad. The School aims at promoting science among students and inspiring them to engage in studying natural science related subjects. The goal of the School is to provide students with hands-on scientific experience they cannot get in regular school education, to give them role models and promote international and intercultural understanding. Participation in the School gives talented high school students the opportunity to explore scientific ideas within the group of peers, mentors and renowned scientists. Around 50 students every year have an opportunity to obtain intense scientific training, while around 20 young scientists gain experience in education. Summer School of Science is comprised of two camps in total duration of 20 days.

The scientist in me!

Znanstvenik u meni! (The scientist in me!) is a competition in science communication for high school students. The project aims to help high school students develop a passion towards science, advance their communication skills and guide them towards pursuing a career in science in spite of potential glass ceilings. The project is co-organised by Society for Out of Frame Education and Educateam and the competition consists of an online phase (where students record a video presenting a scientific topic of their choice which are then graded by a jury and voted on by the public) and a live finale (in which the best students from the online phase do their presentation live and the top three chosen by the jury are awarded).

CroCube - the first Croatian cube in Space

CroCube is a project of designing and launching of Croatia's first satellite. Goals of the project are: facilitate the technological development of Croatia, create an advanced society focused on prosperity and innovation, and increase participation in the global space sector, drive Croatia into the space era, increase interest in astronomy and space projects, and develop STEM and tech entrepreneurship. CroCube is a 1U CubeSat (1U = 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm) weighting around 1.1 kg, equipped with two cameras and an amateur-radio transmitter. It's mission is to take photographs of Earth from 550 km above sea level. It will be able to take photographs of Croatia 3 times a day, for 12 minutes each time. Project is based on a crowdfunding campaing available on Croaitan platform Croinvest.

EVO Green School

This project aims to introduce the solar energy to high school students, and ultimately turn participants’ schools into carbon neutral ones, by making a photovoltaic power plant which would meet the school’s power needs in its entirety. EVO Green School is highly interdisciplinary, as it includes the fields of physics, biology, chemistry, economics, electrotechnics, computer science, etc.


After successfull years of the Summer School of Science, with this project we hope to reach a broader audience of high-school students all over Croatia throughout the academic year. Following the practice of the Summer School of Science, this project consists of a set of workshops teaching STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in a practical way. Interested in hosting these workshops in your school? Contact us!

Past projects

EVO Internship Portal

EVO Internship Portal was an online platform that helped Croatian university students to find and apply for internships in research laboratories across Europe. In addition to creating a platform, the goal was to offer direct help in writing internship and funding applications. EVO, as a third party, with its rich experience in similar programmes and numerous contacts inside the network of Summer School of Science alumni, served as a strong connection between students and laboratories interested in offering research opportunities, therefore contributing to their continuing education and development.

Science meets arts workshop on BIODIVERSITY

This workshop took place in Brela, Croatia, on August 25-31 2014. It was organized in collaboration with Prof Ivan Đikić (Goethe University, Frankfurt) and academic sculptor Ivanka Filipović as a part of Meeting Art Place (MAP) Brela 2014 Residence Program. It aimed at developing open-minded trans-disciplinary approach to public engagement of science among enthusiastic young artists and scientists. It facilitated combining artistic and scientific practice through projects where participants experimented with different types of creative expression. Together they came up with a unique improvised performance broadly themed up around the issue of biodiversity on our planet and exhibited artwork created during the workshop. Our hope was that such an activity may help to overcome artificial barriers between science and arts, provide inspiration for participants’ current activities and shed light on difficult global issues in the contemporary society. We also hoped to create positive effects on public awareness and support for sustainable development policies.

SiS Catalyst

Society for Out of Frame Education has been invited as one of the 36 organizations from 20 countries in “mentoring associates” part of FP7 project “SiS Catalyst”. The goal was to exchange experiences in science communication, education and social inclusion among different universities, museums and non-governmental organizations. Over 18 months, which was the time span of the project, the exchange of experience and knowledge took place, which aimed to serve as a platform for future good practice dissemination. Society for Out of Frame Education's partner organization was Paris-Montagne from France. 10 000 EUR obtained were spent towards the exchange of experience through visits of educators and participants between two associations.

Google RISE

The educational project that arose from collaboration between the Summer Science Factory, Institute for Science and Society Synergy and Society for Out of Frame Education, has been awarded the prestigious Google RISE award (Roots In Science and Engineering). Competition was aimed at projects that encourage children to engage in "STEM" activities (STEM=science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The award was 15 000 $, which was used to open laboratories in Čakovec, Split and Zagreb, Croatia. The awarded amount will facilitate buying basic laboratory equipment, cover travel cost for mentors and students between cities and for organizing joint training seminars.

Happigenetics Extravaganza

Happigenetics Extravaganza, an experiment in the communication of science and technology through performance art, was a collaboration between Society for Out of Frame Education, Science on Stage (Edinburgh, UK), Coaxil Band (St. Petersburg, Russia) and Sounds of Science (New York, USA). This all-ages interactive modern theatre piece was set to be performed on July 13th 2013 in St. Petersburg, Russia, in conjunction with the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) annual conference. The overarching goals of this project were to increase the public awareness of experimental biology and research culture, to celebrate the mystical aesthetics of the natural experimentation process, and to dissolve culturally constructed boundaries between scientific and artistic disciplines, which are often perceived as opposites.

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